Sleep Aura | 60 Day Supply
Sleep Aura | 60 Day SupplySleep Aura | 60 Day SupplySleep Aura | 60 Day SupplySleep Aura | 60 Day Supply

30 day supply



A blend of plants, minerals and vitamins that promote a better night sleep while helping quiet an overactive mind. Combat the negative effects that stress has on your sleep.

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"I use this weekly for those nights I'm stressed out and know I need a good night of sleep."

- Kaitlyn R. {currently sleeping well}

Useful when you

•  Need to get a good night's sleep.  
•  Want to feel rejuvenated in the morning.  
•  Want to get deeper Z's using nature.
•  Need to calm your mind and destress at night. 
•  Getting ready for bed and want to restful night.
•  Dealing with a stressful phase and want to sleep well

Plants, minerals & vitamins

Chamomile flower, Melatonin, Lemon balm herb, Valerian flower, Goji berry, Passion flower, St. john’s wort, Skullcap flower, Ashwagandha root, Minerals, Vitamins and more!

Just Natural Quality Ingredients

When it comes to putting things into your body, we are passionate about making sure it's natural and of premium quality. That's why we pride ourselves on working with the best and supplying only premium level ingredients and products meant to improve your life.

Made in the USA.

45 Day Money Back Guarantee

Although we think it'll be rare, if for any reason you don't feel your Happy Aura order was right for you, send us whatever you have left in the bottle and we will refund your money. Just email us at









It's a noisy world and a complex time to be alive. Our goal is to keep your mind both healthy and radiant so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest potential. 

The plants, vitamins and minerals we use in our blends include powerful adaptogens that have shown to help fight the wreckage that daily stress and anxiety can have on your mental, physical and emotional health. Let's use nature to keep you youthful and mighty.  

Take 2 a day.

Just sleep.

Easy monthly plans.

Save 10% + free shipping

Receive a new 30 day supply every month and cancel any time. It's simple.

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